La solution pour aligner vos engagements d’entreprise aux valeurs des consommateurs.

The solution to diagnose the engagement web page to what consumers would like to listen

aligning product

Aligning SAAS Principles

Enterprises are engaging

Consumers are increasingly scrutinizing the detailed content of entreprise engagements through its mission, its vision and its  values which are becoming success factors for the long terms sustainability of a brand. The engagement web page reflects these CSR and/or SDG actions which values the sustainability strategy.

Consumers listening


Wassati analyze the 3rd generation of social networks we called them “engaging social networks” data to diagnoze societal themes for which citizens and consumers are ready to engage. These early adopters consumers are often anticipating the adoption by the masses.

AI and Data heps to define a societal context

Wassati AI algorithms analyze amount of data over 15 years to identify the evolution of societal themes organized into diverse periods called “societal contexts”.

Engagement claims diagnosis


By comparing the engagement pagestext content to the societal context established aligning compute global score called a grade from A (best) to E (worst), and in more detail establish which societal themes iit addresses and for each establish the level of persuasion.


Benchmark your brand engagements wording as well as your competitors

Reinforce Brands loyalty by aligning values

Test and optimize the wording of the engagement page to increase its degree of persuasion

Aligning Offerings


Aligning scoring with societal themese

Scoring analysis and lightweight recommandations

Illimited usage


Freemium functionalities plus...

Client account management

Multiple societal context allowing to identify perception evolution

Adding stopwords to refine analysis

Comparison between societal context periods