map "Intelligence Stratégique"

Cartes d’intelligence stratégique (1)

Today we attended a webinar organized by ecoDA, EY and INSEAD around #corporategovernance inviting a panel with Marc Le Menestrel, Anthony Smith-Meyer Dipl.IoD, Maryam Hussain and Esther Jannssen animated by Nick Jones.

We discussed about the survey results around ethics, how ethics and values need to be regularly discussed within companies as there can be different interpretation between individual and collective ethics. After Covid crisis it seems govenance board members tolerate more abuses than workers. Of course it is choking but at the same time do the corporate members have the right tooling? Do they have all metrics for all dimensions in the #StrategicIntelligence mapping illustrated below?

Wassati Governing Enterprise provides the capability to instrument the #corporategovernance in all these dimensions and more