Transformational Conversation

Ravi Chaudhry
Ravi Chaudhry

The Essence of the Programme

To sensitize and empower each participant to comprehend and face the new realities, acknowledge what is no longer relevant, discard erstwhile beliefs and prejudices, and shape your future before it shapes you”.

About the Programme

  • Both Online and Offline Version
  • The program can be extended up to 4 sessions; or compressed in one session. We recommend at least 2 sessions
  • We have shown a typical programme content; it is adapted to each company’s specific issues and circumstances
  • The process includes a comprehensive company briefing by the CEO/ CHRO, the workshop for the leadership team, and a debriefing session. There is also the option for participants to have one-to-one conversations

There are decades when nothing happens – and then there are weeks when decades happen.”

Introducing a Transformational Conversation:

Everything has changed
 Let us Create a New Future Together

Led by former Chairman of Tata Group Companies, Ravi Chaudhry

SESSION 1:  Leverage Reality to Re-create a New Strategy for our Future

  • Experience unbiased real-time Awareness of the dynamic trajectories of society, geo-politics, geo-economics, and new technologies.
  • Discover one’s dormant strengths to be “the best of oneself”.
  • Embrace the “New Tenets Of Business” that comprise the new ecosystem of “ease of doing business”.

SESSION 2: Growth and Strategy Implementation in the New World

  • Nurture a fully-aligned, purpose-driven organization culture.
  • Build vibrant partnerships in every domain, with all stakeholders (incl. employees, customers, suppliers), and
  • Dissect Business Models & Processes, for sustainable profitability (doing well) and sustained inclusivity (doing good).
  • Benefit from innovative data and AI based tooling to govern the optimal, sustainable and transparent way to excellence

About the Programme Director

Ravi Chaudhry, former Chairman of Tata Group companies, is an author, speaker, change-maker, and transformational coach. An advisor to corporations and governments, he regularly leads Board Dialogues, and leadership workshops in USA, Europe and Asia.

His book Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality has been globally acclaimed as a “contemporary masterpiece and the best book on leadership in years.” A Fellow of World Business Academy, and Co-Chair,EthicMark® Judges Panel USA; he is the founder Chairman of Cenext Consulting Group,  a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar, and a steward of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism
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Participants’ feedback

  • Ravi naturally inspires people in enlightening ways.
  •  A rare experience – his worldview and his engaging  and diverse dialogue is most empowering.

Glimpses from Interviews and Conversations

Feedback from Global Business Leaders

  • Ravi is one of the profoundest thinkers on leadership. He can bring light, perspective and prescription. He has a great message and knows well how to articulate it.

– Jean-Pierre Lehmann, former Emeritus Professor, IMD, Switzerland

  • The thoughts, insights and views you shared have really made a strong impact. They will be guiding us in our process of defining our regional strategies. We would feel honoured if you were to further accompany us on this journey

– Martin Brudermueller, Chairman of the Board, BASF

  • The Board intensely enjoyed the discussion – and your extremely valuable inputs and thoughts.

Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board, BMW

  • Ravi is one of the new voices showing new ways ahead – his call for exceptional leadership is based on new realities.”

– Hazel Henderson, Founder, Ethical Markets, USA

  • He is very inspiring. I love the fact that he is sounding a call for individual responsibility (of the CEO).

 – Adi Ignatius, Editor, Harvard Business Review

  • Thank you for the perfect moderation of the panels I attended, you made a great contribution to the success of the CEO economic mission.  

– Johann Schneider-Amman, Federal Councillor, Switzerland