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to build and manage
your engagement policy

Make your ethics demonstrable, prove your authenticity to your employees and customers.

The context

Why a policy of engagement?

Humans are giving more and more importance to the values they want to live and share, the appearance of the consumer actor has profoundly and lastingly changed consumer behavior.

Values, commitment and social responsibility become factors in strategic decision-making.

Traditional values, with a 30-year evolution cycle, are increasingly challenged by societal values, which have an average cycle of 7 years.

It is becoming essential to any development strategy to anticipate these societal changes accelerated by the succession of crises in order to guarantee sustainable development.

The business needs to acquire new tools in order to govern the multiplicity and complexity of these new consumer segments.

Our Vision

According to studies by Forrester Research, 71% of consumers look at social engagement criteria before buying. Over 50% of companies are involved in social and / or environmental initiatives The world, with globalization, passes from secular values to societal values …

Consumers and employees have integrated value commitments for their choice of products / services or company in which they wish to invest, making them real “committed

Challenges / opportunities for companies: Risk: How to avoid a boycott of your brand? Commitment: How to “engage” collaborators and customers? Opportunity : How to transform your commitment into a sustainable competitive advantage?

Our expertise

Model of “engaging”: Modeling of new segmentations of consumers.
Benchmarking solution: Based on the AI database developed by Wassati, compare your engagement with societal contexts.
Market Research solution: Machine Learning model providing detailed studies of societal trends and the new segmentation of consumer actors.

Un ensemble de solutions d’aide à la décision permettant de piloter :

… Your customer experience to transform them into FANS … Your commitments and transform them into real differentiators for brands or products … Your authenticity of your engagement to your customers / prospects … Your Social and Environmental Responsibility to predict the impact … Your “Employer Brand” so that it remains engaging even after the employee is hired … Your Corporate Governance to find the “middle ground” and continue to make sustainable profits

A multidisciplinary, multi regional, multicultural team, at the service of your commitment objective.

« I want to reduce the world violence by founding Wassati by reducing the gap between the societal request of consumers and citizens and what companies are really doing to address them »
Henry Peyret, Founder and researcher, CEO, France
“I decided to live the Wassati adventure in order to show that it is possible to achieve your dreams”
Samir FAHEM, Data Analyst and Social Behaviors, Baltimore, US
“To give meaning to my work, to highlight the values of each, this is what I see through Wassati”
Martin Cattiaux, Data scientist and Data planning, France | Brazil
“Wassati allows me to use my computer skills in a noble cause for values consumers’ research”
Rachid JEFFALI, Developer, Natural Language Processing, Morocco
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Yacine RACHIDI, Software Architect, France
We all want to move forward in this world in a different way, talking about authenticity, people, transparency, values. A committed company is already taking a big step forward for the world of tomorrow. It will be a winner against the competition. I have found in Wassati an agent of change for companies that will be more responsive to consumer actors.
Yann BOUTRUCHE, Communication Strategy, Belgium
“Values ​​and Commitment, a vast subject mixed with AI, which allows Wassati to spark light on your entrepreneurial future. It is in this context that my motivation found its meaning.”
Bérénice LAFOSSE, Business Development, France
“Wassati knew how to mobilize all the skills, experiences as well as a strong motivation to become a leader in this very promising niche”
Patrick LEMARE, Commercial strategy, France

Commit to the Future

Let’s improve this world together, governed by values

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