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IA & DATA solution and services to govern, build and prove companies engagement

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We are a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and skills, committed to one single common goal and determination : improving tools for engaging your employees, your customers, and your partners’s.

Wassati offers a set of AI and DATA solutions as well as a strategic model allowing companies to manage their engagement policy.

To reconcile brands with consumers by providing the resources necessary for better societal alignment.

492 millions engaging people

13 societal areas detected


Meeting consumer needs

90% of European consumers expect brands to get involved (Oney Study / Opinion Way Feb 2020)

Values, commitment and social responsibility are becoming key factors in consumption choices.

Supporting businesses

50% of companies are engaged in societal and/or environmental initiatives but do not know the values of their customers and do not know how to respond to them (Forrester study).

Evolve with society

Traditional values, with a 30-year cycle, are now challenged by societal values, which have a 7-year cycle, and cannot be detected with traditional tools (surveys, social listening).

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It becomes essential, for any development strategy, to anticipate these societal developments accelerated by the succession of crises in order to guarantee sustainable development over time.

Your development strategy requires anticipating these societal developments. We offer to help you integrate new tools to govern the multiplicity and complexity of values ​​attached to the transformation of the consumer into a “consum’actor”.



4 solutions to understand, measure, unrisk the continuous changes (VUCA).

    • Voicing : Detect weak signals, emotions and values expressed by customers, employees, engaging communities
    • Animating: Engagement community development
  • Proving: Measuring the impact of commitments for operational management and transparent communication, rapid CSRD implementation
  • Governing Enterprise: Governance of operational and strategic choices for continuous adaptation to reality and to CSRD and IFRS sustainability standards.
aligning product


SAAS solution to diagnose the alignment of your corporate commitments page with consumer values.

anticipating product


Predictions of societal areas and consumer trends.


transparent tracking


Traceability system to provide proof of CSR commitments at any time.

governing enterprise


Social and digital responsibilities at the heart of your corporate governance.


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