WASSATI builds solutions to create to enhance values and engagements within organisations. With our ecosystem of experts, we have research capabilities to offer practical solutions to optimise values and ethics based engagements. We promote responsible IA.

Wassati provides an integrated platform and methodology to allow organizations optimizing their social, societal and/or environmental engagements like ESG, SDGs through their real impacts. This must be done against compliance rules nor profitability  for sustainability.

Wassati studies and solutions are based on 15 years of marketing research and behavioral analysis, philosophical and sociological analysis, most advanced research in Trusting AI for a new critical domain called societal, new data sources to minimize and document remaining bias. The research results are available through our training courses.

Our integrated platform includes the following solutions :

VOICING: thanks to products Aligning and values evolution Anticipating which are illustrating the collective unconscious evolution, while taking into account the necessary arbitrage at the moment of action, contrary to surveys. The other technique like the ussal social listening emphasises extremists position and not the compromise that anyone use during the arbitrage moment. Consequently Wassati studies quantify this arbitrage thus adding precision.

PROVING: thanks to Transparent Tracking, a societal impact calculation solution of engagements rather than staying at measuing the ESG basic metrics. The societal impact metrics imply more easily operational employees, allow to transparently communicate a better marketing message to consumers and partners. This introduces a transparent communication to multiple stakeholders consumers, employees, regulators, partners as well as shareholders the way each require.

ANIMATING: Best practices in social communication.

GOVERNING provides double materiality dashboards to boards and COMEX allowing an instrumented governance to obtain operational excellence and implement CSRD efficiently and swiftly.

ENGAGING EXPERIENCE: the full package of solutions offered by Wassati.


By contributing to align responsible consumption and values, Wassati offers a path toward the necessary elevation of consciousness and the fulfillment of individuals.

Wassati treats all its stakeholders with the utmost respect and offers solutions that aim to enhance it, ensuring that profits benefit everyone according to their commitments.

Wassati and its leadership are committed to sharing as much information about operations, data, discoveries, as well as mistakes and challenges encountered. Metrics will be established to measure this transparency.


To bring a collective understanding of our VUCA world through the emergence of multiple truths detected by AI.


Tto promote the integration of societal and environmental changes for the benefit of organizations and stakeholders.


In an increasingly polarized society, Wassati’s purpose (raison d’être) is to inspire and equip the “right” middle ground, vectors of social, societal and sustainable stability.


CEO founder

Henry Peyret


Pénélope Morin

Strategy & Ecosystem

Thierry Coulmain

Data scientist

Martin Cattiaux

Ethics & governance

Fanny Walter

Purpose & engagements

Clarence Michel

Fullstack Dev

Rachid Jeffali

Software architect

Yacine Rachidi