Intellignece Stratégique - map 4

Strategic intelligence maps (4)

The #Strategic Intelligence Map about Artificial Intelligence #IA establishes several concerns/trends:

  • AI, Diversity and Inclusion,
  • Operationalizing Responsible AI,
  • The Geopolitical Impacts of AI,
  • Can AI can overcome Its Limitations?
  • AI and the future of Jobs,
  • AI and Covid 19,
  • Bias and Fairness in AI Algorithms,
  • AI for what Purpose?

There is a lot of research and companies adressing the 7th first subjects. @Wassati uses and develops AI research and solutions mainly adressing the “AI for what Purpose?”. We are assembling Values, Global Governance, the Digital Economy, Agile Governance, Risk and Resilience, and Corporate Governance to address some of the most pressing purposes like Human Rights, Justice and Law expressed through petitions.